Note: Follow the steps on the phone that you want to control. It takes a few minutes.

Setting up your device

First, you need to be able to install apps outside the Google Play store on your phone, but always make sure you know what you're installing and where it is coming from!

Android 4, 5, 6

Go to Settings. Select "General" tab, then scroll down to Security, and select "Unknown sources".

Android 7.x

Go to Settings. Scroll down to "Lock screen and security" and select "Unknown sources" checkbox.

Download the application

Download an application installer from our website. The file is named lms.apk (LMS in lower case).
The fastest way: On your phone's browser you go to this web address and download the installer:
The downloaded file is located in the "Downloads" or "My Files" folder in your apps drawer.


Install the application

Click on the lms.apk installer file and let it install. Once installed run the appliaction.
Confirm all security questions. Without this application will not be able to work.
Login or create new account. Then press "Start Working" button.


Setze das System (Android 6 und höher)

Das Android-System optimiert den Akku, indem im Hintergrund laufende Anwendungen ausgeschaltet werden. Führen Sie die folgenden Einstellungen aus, um das Schließen der LMS-Anwendung zu begrenzen.

Gehe zu Einstellungen >> Gerätewartung (Batterie, Speicher)
                         Gehe zu Akku, nach unten schieben
                         Drücken Sie auf "Nicht überwachte Apps" und dann auf "Apps hinzufügen".
                         Suchen Sie nach LMS und wählen Sie es aus. Drücken Sie "Fertig"
                         Einstellungen verlassen

That's all. You can also hide the app icon on the main screen.
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